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Glen and Evelyn Bloom



Jeffrey and Khiya Bloom

Purebred Red Angus Breeding Stock

Progeny Built on a Trusted Foundation


Together we operate a purebred Red Angus herd of about 100 cows mixed with grain farming here in the beautiful Parkland area of North West Saskatchewan Canada.

Our son Jeff and his wife Khiya came home in the spring of 2016.  They are eager to be involved in the Purbred business and purchased their own small herd in their own name.  We work together well and the herds run together and share bull power. 


Our two daughters also grew up with the cows but are off working on their careers.  They love to come home and help whenever they can.  


For now the BLOOMS  under two different herd names run the show here and all are capable of getting you information.  We are our own BOSSES and  "open and close all the gates" so to speak.


Jeff and Khiya.jpg

Raising Purebred Red Angus Breeding Stock since 1991

This is Us

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to see who we are and what we value.

Our herd today is the result of continued and disciplined selection of cattle.  

Focusing on feet and legsudders, maternal qualities and temperment. 

B-Elle Red Angus

Glen and Evelyn Bloom

PO Box 556

Turtleford, SK  S0M 2Y0

Tel: 306-845-2557

Glen's cell 306-845-7601

Evelyn's cell 306-845-7787

Bloom Cattle Co.

Jeffrey and Khiya Bloom

PO Box 217

Turtleford, SK  S0M 2Y0

Jeffrey cell 306-307-5234

Khiya cell 306-307-4214

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