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Red RReds Seneca 731C

Copy of RReds Seneca 731C_edited.jpg

The main AI sire used in 2022.  

We selected this sire based on the reputation of his daughters.  

Reported to be very productive, with tight udders and lots of milk.  

His off spring on our ranch are born easy,  deep middled, long bodied and have lots of growth.  

If you come to view his sons in the bull pen be sure to look at his daughters across the fence.  They are pretty nice animals also.

Click the photo for the Angus Association full Pedigree and EPD information

"Red Blood"

Red Duff Red Blood 18114 

Red Duff Red Blood.jpg

We flushed our Utopia 811U cow to this popular calving ease sire.

We have sons for sale, daughters in the replacement pen and frozen embryos for sale.  

Red Blood stamps most of his progeny with the deep red colour.

Click the photo for the Angus Association full Pedigree and EPD information


Red JJL Authentic 84G

TEDDY - Copy.jpg

Teddy was purchased in 2020 from JJL LIVESTOCK: JARRET AND JENNA LOVERIDGE.  He is an extremely easy doing, soft sided bull.  Dark in colour and has a great foot.

Super quiet disposition. 

We are excited to see how his daughters calve this spring.  

We really believe this bull will be a positive influence on our cow herd. 

Red JJL Ann 26E

JJL Ann 26E.webp

Click the photo for the Angus Association full Pedigree and EPD information


Red Wheel Judge 22G


Purchased in 2020 from WHEELERS STOCK FARM.  An excellent footed big hipped, dark red bull.  

His calves are outstanding in performance in the herd.  

Red Wheel Dawn 17Y


Red B-elle Pasq Thunder 712T

Thunder by Mark.jpg
Thunder 712T 2011

4 Years Old

Top 1% for Calving Ease and Top 4% for Maternal Calving Ease.  Top 6% Marbling 


Thunder 712T is a moderately framed, easy fleshing, super footed Herdsire.  Mature scotal 44 cm.

His dam Merit 219M  is a very moderate framed, exceptionally thick and deep ribbed, RED KNIGHT grand-daughter.

Daughters are in production and are excellent mothers with good square feet and udders, and proving the calving ease EPD's

Sons are smooth made top end bulls in the pen. 


Male calf avg BWs: 82Lbs

Female calf avg BWs: 76Lbs

Avg weaning bull calves: 652Lbs


Thunder 712T,  Born here on the farm in 2007 we knew as a calf that he was something special. 7 years later we lost him, but in that time he made a mark on our herd that after another 5 years he is STILL the most influential sire we have. 15 of his daughters are still raising calves here. 

He is our go to AI choice to moderate birthweight; and we strongly believe that he could work in your herd too!



2 Years Old



$50 / Straw

Check the Angus Association for a full Pedigree and EPD information

4 Years Old

7 Years Old

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