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Birth  Date:                      Mar 13, 2022

Birth Weight:                    86 lbs

Weaning Weight              622 lbs

205 ADJ Weight              644 lbs

365 ADJ Weight              1026 lbs

Scrotal:                           35.5 cm

A best value bull.  Priced lower because of a March birthday.  This guy grew into a long bodied, thick muscled , dark coat attractive bull.  86 lb birth weight should be fine on heifers and will work well as a herdsire in years to come.  Quiet disposition.  Kodiak 297K steps out and walks with purpose and correctness.  Backed by a fantastic dam.  Broody, deep bodied, heavy milking.  Keep daughters out of this bull.


SIRE: Red Wheel Judge 22G


DAM: Red B-elle Queen Crown 568C

568C- 1.JPG
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